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Wednesday Night Dinners

Experience a weekly global escapade with The Corner's Wednesday Night Dinners. Each Wednesday, Chef Omar and the team craft a unique and special menu spotlighting a corner of the world. From the sizzling flavors of Argentina to the exotic dishes of Tahiti, each themed dinner features a starter, main dish, and dessert.

Reservations are limited and required for this trip around the globe, we ask that you please secure your spot in advance for a truly memorable evening. You can discover the weekly featured cuisine by visiting the shop or by checking out one of our social media accounts.

For those enamored with a past Wednesday Night Dinner menu, consider incorporating those delicious and worldly flavors into your own private event or catering needs! Anything that we've served before, we'll happily serve for you!

The Corner welcomes you to explore the world through flavors every Wednesday night, offering a unique passport to global culinary delights. Join us and let your taste buds travel!


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